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August 1997 - October 1998: DRDO Database
DRDO Database is an on-line holdings of all the Libraries/ TIC's of about 43 DRDO Laboratories spread all over the India, which enables all DRDO employees to access it from the comfort of their office via Telnet. DRDO Database is a product of DESIDOC and now the updation is going to start for all the newly acquired documents and to make it accessible through web.
Responsibilities :
ˇConverting records into a standard format.
ˇ Classifying the documents and assigning the Class Numbers to it ( by UDC ).
 ˇ Assigning Descriptors/ Keywords ( through Thesaurus ).
ˇ Merging new records to the main database.
October 1998 - January 1999: DRDO Union List of Scientific Serials
DRDO Union List of Scientific Serials is the list of currently subscribed serials of all the 43 DRDO Laboratories. The main purpose of the Union List is to avoid the duplicate subscription and to inform users about the availability of Current Serials with respective Laboratories name.
Responsibilities :
 ˇ Correction of the data provided by the different DRDO Laboratories.
 ˇ Inputting the data to computer .
 ˇ Entering the data in SUCHIKA software.
ˇ TO Co-ordinate the work of Project Assistants.

 January 1999 - February 1999: NUCSSI

National Union Catalogue for Scientific Serials in India (NUCSSI) was a Project of INSDOC, which covers the holdings of all the CSIR labs and few important Scientific installations including DESIDOC.
ˇ Checking/ Correcting the Old data from the Kardex .
ˇ Updation of the DESIDOC's holding information.
ˇ Feeding data to computers.
February 1999 - August 1999: DRDO Union Catalogue
DRDO Union Catalogue is an exhaustive catalogue of the Scientific Serials subscribed in libraries/TIC's of different DRDO laboratories, along with its complete details of holdings mentioning from when that Serial is subscribed, its discontinuation, missing issues and change of journal title with its respective Laboratories name. Union Catalogue is a very important source of information, to locate different serials subscribed in different Laboratories.


ˇ Checking the authenticity of provided information of Serial holdings from respective Labs.
 ˇ Converting the provided serials holding information to a standard format.
ˇ Checking and correcting the title changes of serials.
ˇ Feeding the data into system.